5 Precise Ways to Stop Smoking

Although it has many bad effects, smoking is a habit that is difficult to stop. Are you among those who want to quit? This is the exact method.

The habit of smoking has always been a topic that has never been talked about. Smoking has dangerous health consequences. Not only for smokers themselves, but also for those around them. Despite knowing this fact, still most smokers still have difficulty quitting. If you are among those who experience it, let’s, see the right way to stop smoking below.

Actually, what makes a person addicted to cigarettes? The answer is nicotine, a substance found in the base of the cigarette, namely tobacco.

If inhaled, nicotine will enter and flow in the bloodstream. After that, nicotine will stimulate nerves to produce happy emotions, as if giving additional energy. Usually, those feelings are what smokers are looking for.

Although smoking is proven to help smokers get pleasant feelings, rationally, smokers also do not dismiss the fact that smoking gives a huge loss in terms of health. Therefore, not a few smokers who try hard to release their addiction to the tobacco roll.

There are many who succeed, but many also fail. To stop smoking, actually it requires a surefire strategy so that when you decide to stop smoking, you can really run it consistently.

This must be done to stop smoking
Are you a smoker who wants to “convert” and want to know these accurate strategies? Here are the ways:

1. Understand why you want to smoke
It’s important to recognize the triggering factors why you want to smoke. For example, if you smoke to fill your free time, then look for ways to fill that time with more positive things that can make you forget to smoke.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for cigarettes when in a state of stress or stress, it’s better to start now trying to find ways to avoid the things that can trigger the stress.

2. Convey to the closest person
Support from the people around you will have a big impact on your efforts to stop smoking. In addition to being given space and support, conveying your desire to quit smoking will usually make you feel burdened if you later think of returning to smoking.

3. Avoid smoker friends
Usually, this is the most difficult thing for smokers to stop. Temptations from smoker friends around you will appear. Therefore, it is better for you to avoid smoker friends during the transition period, before finally being able to stop completely.

4. Download the application to stop smoking
Times have indeed changed. More and more ways can make it easier for humans to achieve their goals. One of them is the use of applications aimed at people who want to quit smoking.

Usually, this kind of application will help remind you about the extent of your development in stopping smoking. Interestingly, there will usually be a feature that calculates the amount of money you have saved from stopping buying cigarettes. This can be a powerful enough motivation to stop smoking.

5. Firm intention
This is a very important point. Whether or not you succeed in quitting smoking will depend on how big and firm your intention is.

The intention must also come from the right reasons, namely because you love yourself and those closest to you, as well as gratitude for a healthy body. That way, will grow strong feelings to protect themselves and avoid smoking.

The degree of addiction for every smoker is different, so the duration of the cessation process will also vary. Some processes are fast, some are slower. It also depends on the strategy and the way you apply to stop smoking. But most importantly, you must believe that quitting smoking is not impossible. Therefore, start quitting smoking right now.

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