Not Only for the Heart, Fish Oil Is Also Beneficial for Hair

Chat about the benefits of fish oil is actually not new. Although some people are reluctant to consume it because it is considered fishy, ​​its efficacy in maintaining human health can not be doubted. Unmitigated, reported by Healthline, fish oil is also beneficial for hair health.

Never heard of the benefits for hair? It could be because all this time the goodness of fish oil is more associated with heart and brain organs. In fact, Dr. Alvin Nursalim, Sp. PD said fish oil is a ‘food’ for the brain because it can prevent Alzheimer’s to bipolar disorder.

Benefits of fish oil for hair health
So, what about the benefits of fish oil for hair health? You need to know that fish oil is a food supplement that is very rich in omega-3 and other important nutrients.

Because it can help regulate the body’s natural functions, omega-3 in fish oil is also believed to trigger hair growth and increase hair strength. No wonder many people now take fish oil supplements, even applying it to prevent hair loss.

Omega-3 in fish oil supplements can provide protein and essential nutrients for hair follicles. This is to prevent follicular inflammation, so hair loss can be minimized.

Not only hair loss can be reduced, circulation on the scalp becomes smoother. Hair growth can be faster.

A study reported, women who take antioxidant supplements together with omega-3 fatty acids (from fish oil) and omega-6 have thicker and healthier hair. However, this property still requires more scientific and medical evidence.

Want to get omega-3 fatty acid intake, but are reluctant to take fish oil supplements because fishy? Then try consuming fish like salmon, mackerel, or herring. As much as possible, avoid deep frying oil processing methods so that the nutrients are not lost.

In addition to consumption of fish oil, do this for healthy hair
The limit on consumption of fish oil supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids according to the European Food Safety Authority is 5,000 mg per day.

If you are taking drugs to treat certain blood pressure or contraceptive problems, it is recommended that you consume fish oil while avoiding it. Or, you can consult your doctor first.

Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil supplements seem to promise hair health. However, to get strong, smooth and not dry hair optimally, Dr. Theresia Rina Yunita recommends that you do the following:

Use a comb with rounded edges and rarely toothed
Comb with rounded edges and teeth rarely will gently touch the scalp. Comb will not cause blisters on the scalp and break dry hair.

Use hair vitamins
Hair vitamins that are sold in the market can be used in an instant after you shampoo. In addition to the fragrant smell, this vitamin can help repair damaged hair.

Keep hair moisturized
Avoid shampoos that contain alcohol because they can make hair drier. Always use conditioner after shampooing. If necessary, you can use anti-frizz spray or anti-frizz oil on your hair before you move.

Eat foods that contain zinc
In addition to foods containing omega-3 fatty acids, also consume foods that are rich in zinc, such as oysters, nuts, eggs, and whole-grain bread. Blueberries and sweet potatoes are also good for hair because they contain antioxidants that are good for hair follicles and scalp.

Interested in feeling the benefits of fish oil to nourish your hair? It is allowed. But it’s better if the supplement is consumed, rather than directly applied to the scalp. If applied directly, you need to shampoo excessively to remove the scent. In fact, excessive shampooing will make hair more easily broken and dry.