Is Chromosome Injections Really Useful for Skin Health?

The trend of injecting chromosomes to brighten the skin in a short time hit the community. What are the medical benefits of chromosome injections?

Today, many people want to get instant results, including beauty. One aspect of facial beauty that is in the spotlight is skin care with the use of vitamin injections or known as chromosome injections.

The method that some people call the term chromosome infusion is staying digadang can whiten the skin. What is the medical fact behind this injection?

Recognize the contents of chromosome injections

From the name, you would guess that the material injected into the body is a human chromosome. In fact, chromosome injections do not contain human chromosomes, but SLC24A5 gene inhibiting compounds (SLC24A5 gene inhibitors).

SLC24A5 is a gene responsible for skin pigmentation. However, whether the injection of this compound can actually change the performance of genes and reduce gene activity that ends in skin whitening?

Simply put, genes are the material in cells that govern all the processes of human life, from hair color, skin color, to the shape of your face. Well, the benefit claimed by chromosome injections is that drugs can enter your cells and suppress the genes responsible for skin color. With this gene suppression, your skin can become even whiter.

Is there research evidence supporting this? Unfortunately, until now there has been no large-scale research that can be the basis of this therapy. In fact, every drug that is entered into the human body should be through research to determine the effectiveness and safety of these products.

If not through research, there could be side effects that are not detected and can ultimately endanger users.

You should be aware of the dangers of injections into the body. If this drug does not go through clinical trials, it means you are taking a drug with an effect that has not yet been proven. Maybe the side effects are not felt now, but can occur in the future.

Healthier and brighter skin solution

There are many ways you can do to make your skin healthier and brighter. Running a healthy lifestyle can be one step to maintain the health of your skin.

Here are some things you can do to increase the brightness of the skin.

  • Clean your face with cleansing fluid that is suitable for your skin type, especially after your activity and before going to sleep. Cleaning the face can remove dust and dirt that stick after the move. Dirt on the facial skin can increase the risk of acne on the face.
  • If you want to move under the sun, use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to protect the skin from the dangers of UV exposure.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water per day. Do not forget the liquid that enters your body. If you lack fluids, the skin will look wrinkled and more dull.
  • Pay attention to the daily nutritional balance. Make sure you eat nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables. You can choose oranges, papayas or pears to meet your fruit needs. Vitamin C and Vitamin E in fruit are good for your skin health.

Chromosome injection or also called lay chromosome infusion is claimed to whiten the skin in a short time. However, this therapy has not been supported by scientific research related to side effects. Instead of carrying out procedures that are not yet clear of safety, you better start running a healthy lifestyle. Besides getting brighter skin, your body is also healthy.

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