Unexpected Things Cause Bad Breath in Children

Bad breath can occur to anyone, including children. This condition needs to be watched out for, because bad breath in children can be very annoying and make your child stay away from friends with the game.

In medicine, bad breath is known as halitosis. According to drg. Wienna Manggala Putri, bad breath can be a signal that something is wrong with the health condition of the person experiencing it.

“Bad breath can occur due to clean oral cavity that is not maintained, but can also be a sign of certain health problems,” said drg. Wienna.

Causes of bad breath in children

Bad breath in children is generally caused by local factors, such as cavities that are not treated or tongue hygiene that is not maintained.

“A dirty tongue will usually be covered in a membrane containing bacteria and residual epithelium that has died. This condition is called tongue coating, “said Dr. Wienna.

Not only that, other things that can also cause bad breath in children are:

Dry mouth

Children are very fond of playing and moving. This can make the body dehydrated or dehydrated.

Well, children who lack fluids do not have adequate amounts of saliva (saliva) to maintain oral moisture. As a result, bad breath can happen.

“Dry mouth due to lack of saliva production is called xerostomia. In order not to end up experiencing bad breath, make sure your child drinks enough water while on the move,” said drg. Argentinian Callista.

Mouth breathing

The process of breathing through the mouth – both due to nasal congestion and bad habits during sleep – can also reduce the production of saliva, so that the mouth moisture is not maintained properly. In the end, bacteria will grow more easily so bad breath is inevitable.

Certain types of food

Your child likes to eat foods with strong scents, such as garlic, onions, and spices? If yes, he is at higher risk for bad breath.


Medicines work differently. There are several types of drugs that work by releasing chemicals that cause bad breath.

Sinus cavity infection

Does the child often have a sore throat or experience recurring nasal congestion? Maybe it’s a symptom of an infection in the sinus cavity.

“The disruption of the sinus cavity causes fluid to collect in the airway and throat, which is a place for bacteria to develop. This causes smelly breath, which cannot be cured simply by brushing teeth and gargling with medication,” said drg. Callista.

Advice from Dr. Callista, if you find this condition, immediately consult your child to the doctor so that it can be treated properly.

Do not underestimate bad breath in children. Although generally not dangerous, the condition still needs to be dealt with immediately so that the child’s quality of life does not experience interference. Consult your doctor further if your child experiences bad breath even though his oral hygiene is well maintained. Remember, bad breath can also be a sign of disease.